Citadelle Networks’ journey began in recent years. The company kicked off with 5 people and since then, we have brought in more people to be part of the team

Citadelle Networks synchronises with all operating systems, hence, we offer the Best-of-Breed services in terms of all-round Security. By providing end-point security and control, we promise our clients to get the best diagnosis and prevention techniques to minimise the risk of external or internal malicious attacks.

Some of the most recent, online, state-of-the-art hacking techniques include; Bait and Switch, Phishing, Clickjacking Attacks, Keylogger, Wi-Fi hacking, and Denial of Service. To maintain continuous IT security management in any organisation, Security Posture Assessment, Vulnerability Assessment, and Penetration Testing are provided as all-inclusive services. Solutions include (but not limited to):

• DDOS Shelter
• Perimeter Next Gen UTM
• Application Security
• Client Access Security
• Email Security
• DNS Security