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Security Master Planning

Security Master Planning

A Security Master Plan is a document that describes the organization’s security policies, strategies, goals, programs and processes. It’s used to guide the development of the organization and the direction it should take. It defines the outline of risks that should be taken in creating a five-year business plan.

The responsibilities of securities today have evolved from native camera placement and access control to a desire for a program that is inclusive of security development, design and implementation criteria. As security departments and segments come up, more responsibilities also come up. It is, therefore, important to be updated on the effective management of security issues.

We will assist you when it comes to creating an organizational security master plan that incorporates policies, methodologies, system and staff. We do a comprehensive planning guide for your team in terms of technical services from conceptual design through to final execution. With our resources, we can build an effective program that aligns with your corporate objectives.

Cyber Security Operations Consulting has extensive experience providing Security Master Planning design expectations for architects and developers, as the main part of the starting project design team, to detect security risk and associated mitigating needs that protect the assets, name and responsibility of the business owners interests.