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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Security

Citadelle Network enhances digital transformation by ensuring data becomes safe in any environment as it improves the performance of the business. Citadelle Networks’ data security base provides encryption, advanced key management, tokenization, digital signing and Citadelle Networks’s solutions that keep data safe in any environment and scale easily to new demands while minimizing sophistication. We guard structures and unstructured data that is either being transferred or being consumed across devices, processes, platforms and environments.

Database Reliability and Performance

Many times, organizations get into trouble concerning performance issues when incorporating poorly designed database encryption tools, that negatively affects the end users and applications that rely on real-time access to data.

Insufficient Security Controls

Database encryption tools built with poor quality database encryption security leaves the organization at risk of breach and being defrauded. For example, when key management is handled within the database, the DBA has power over both the data and key. Database encryption often doesn’t consider inward abuse and advanced threats, which makes it easier to be more exposed.

Complex and Time-Consuming Key Management

As the database enlarges, so do the key management difficulties. With multiple key management tools, it is quite sophisticated and leaves room for errors and fraud. While database vendors offer key management functionality, it only functions when the enterprise consumes that specific vendor’s databases.

Security and Digital Transformation Services

  • Cyber Security Consulting Digital forensics services
  • Cyber Security Consulting Vulnerability and risk assessments
  • Cyber Security CISO Information Security Strategy & Design
  • Cyber Security Consulting Policy and plan development
  • Cyber Security Consulting Configuration management, design, and remediation
  • Cyber Security Consulting Enterprise security architecture design and re-design
  • Cyber Security Consulting Malicious code review
  • Computer Security Incident Response
  • Cyber Compliance Operations
  • Security and Digital Transformation Engineering and architecture design
  • Security and Digital Transformation Operations management
  • Security and Digital Transformation Application and software security assurance
  • Security and Digital Transformation Insider threat and APT assessment
  • Security and Digital Transformation Social engineering (targeted phishing)
  • Security and Digital Transformation IT risk management and compliance
  • Security and Digital Transformation Cyber Consulting Management
  • Security and Digital Transformation Cyber Security Consulting Services
  • IT Security and Digital Transformation Network Security
  • Privacy & Cyber Security Consulting
  • Strategic Cyber Security